The Team

Fred Done, Founder of Sparkle Capital

Fred Done


Fred Done is best known for his many business ventures. These include his betting company Betfred, as well as various other businesses within the real estate, software and insurance industries. Fred has built each of his successful businesses on the principles of common sense, long-term commitment and customer loyalty. Sparkle Capital also follows these same principles.

Sparkle Capital is administered by Acasta Europe. 

Keith Wardell

Adviser to Sparkle Capital / Managing Director at Acasta Europe Ltd

Keith has worked in the insurance industry since 1975 and became an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute in 1980. He became Chairman of Acasta in 2012 and has led its drive to expand and diversify. Keith also holds various other insurance-related directorships. In his spare time, he is also a keen follower of rugby and cricket.

Paul Gibson

Head of Legal at Acasta Europe Ltd

Paul is the head of the legal underwriting department at Acasta Europe, where he supervises all the ATE teams. He works flexibly and creatively with legal providers to help create bespoke solutions to insurance and funding enquiries. He reviews matters on both an individual or scheme basis.

Paul is a qualified solicitor. He left practice as a director of a regional firm to join our team. He is an experienced litigator, and has led a number of commercial litigation teams throughout his career. Paul has experience in all aspects of litigation. From professional negligence, contract and tort disputes. Additionally, he has particular expertise in Directors and Shareholders disputes and insolvency.

Lynn Thorne

Case Manager at Acasta Europe Ltd

Lynn Thorne is responsible for managing the case flow for Acasta Europe Ltd. 

Since 1993, Lynn has been in various senior operational and management roles, half of which have been in legal expenses insurance. Her expertise and strengths are in managing and improving operational efficiency, therefore helping to deliver value to customers and the business.

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