Who We Work With

We work with a variety of firms to provide litigation funding to Claimants. Most of the time, we work with the solicitors for the Claimants once an application is made. However, we also work with various other professionals, for example, firms who support or work with Claimants to make an application for funding.


Similarly to other litigation funding firms, we work with solicitors to provide a solution for claims which cannot proceed without funding. Additionally, we help identify claims which have become ‘stuck’ due to lack of funding.


Often Claimants approach us through solicitors. However, if Claimants approach us directly, we are happy explain the products that we offer.

ATE Insurers

ATE providers and funders operate in effectively the same system, albeit in collaboration rather than competition. We therefore particularly enjoy working with ATE providers to create bespoke solutions for Solicitors and Claimants in their litigation.

Financial Advisers

Claimants often end up litigating because of anomalies identified by their Financial Advisers. As such, financial advisers often recommend using us to their clients.

Insolvency Practitioners

We fund a high number of insolvency cases. We help Insolvency Practitioners to unlock a liquidation or administration in stalemate so that monies can be recovered, getting the best results possible for the Creditors.

Litigation Funders

We regularly work collaboratively with other litigation funders whose funded cases need ‘top up’ or indeed if they wish to consider offering secondary market opportunities. We enjoy a strong relationship with all types and sizes of litigation funders.

Commercial Finance Brokers

Most of our customers are SMEs. Therefore, commerical finance brokers often contact Sparkle to source funding for their clients’ claims.

Specialist Litigation Brokers

We have established relationships with many specialist ATE and litigation funding brokers. Additionally, we work with brokers who have already received funding from another litigation funding firm, where a ‘top up is needed.




Accountants contact Sparkle to address litigation matters on behalf of their client. Also, they use Sparkle to explore the possibility of moving a litigation claim off their balance sheet.

If you would like to know more about whether we are able to work with you, please get in touch using the button below.