We are pleased to announce our new IPEC funding product



We are pleased to have partnered with our administrator Acasta Europe, an ATE insurance provider, Debenhams Ottaway LLP, a progressive Hertfordshire-based law firm, and Sybaris Legal & IP, a Lloyds insurance broker focused on the Intellectual Property sector for our new collaboration. The collaboration has allowed us to launch our new funding partner product.


About the product

Our new product targets the funding of claims in the Intellectual Property and Enterprise Court (“IPEC”), valued from £50,000 to £500,000, all of which benefit from the fixed recoverable costs of £50,000. This launch shows further growth in our relationship with our partner Debenhams Ottaway. It follows on from last year where they announced us on their panel of litigation funders.

The product is aimed at SMEs and IP portfolio holders. These are people such as brand owners, musicians and the pharmaceutical industry. Our product is written to cover a range of different types of Intellectual Property claims. Some examples include trade mark infringement, passing-off to copyright, design right and patent infringement.

Similarly, to our Flexible Disbursement Funding product, the product takes advantage of low-cost funding. This is due to the fact it is based on a fixed interest rate instead of the market standard “share of the award”. The product is also designed to be non-recourse as it is covered by Acasta’s After the Event insurance.


How we work?

Sparkle Capital is administered by Acasta Europe. Their underwriters have a wealth of experience within the market, allowing them to provide funding for a range of cases. All funding proposals are written on a bespoke basis, appreciating the merits and needs of each case are unique.

At Sparkle, we offer three main funding products. These are 1 & 20, Fixed Interest Release Funding and Flexible Disbursement Funding.

If you are interested in any of our products, or would like to know more about Sparkle Capital, please get in touch.