Sparkle Capital Launches Flexible Disbursement Funding

We are pleased to announce the launch of Flexible Disbursement Funding, an addition to our collection of Sparkle Capital litigation funding products.

Flexible Disbursement Funding (FDF) is a product designed to provide specific disbursement funding at fixed rates of interest on meritorious claims. It is principally aimed at funding disbursements such as counsel fees, court / hearing fees and reports. However, it is also designed to be tailored to any specific funding requirement that may arise in any given litigation matter.

This not only broadens Sparkle Capital’s product range, but reflects a claimant-focused solutions-based approach to litigation funding. To date, the market has been shaped by the rigid products that funders are able to offer. However, Sparkle Capital – who are administered by Acasta Europe Ltd – have few of the restrictions and limitations that most funders have. Therefore it changes the focus to identifying specific needs of claimants and solicitors, creating relevant and cost-effective financial solutions. Consequently it uses its funding and insurance products to drive business.

Flexible Disbursement Funding (FDF) is reflective of this shift in focus. It is not only funding disbursements in the broadest sense of the word but it is also truly flexible. The product is made to be bespoke to each individual client. This means it can be a financial solution suitable to any specific requirements there might be.

Our Products

Flexible Disbursement Funding (FDF) is offered alongside our other products, 1&20 and Fixed Interest Release Funding.

1&20 is competitively priced third party litigation funding from £300k to £1m for claims typically below £10m that are currently under-served by the market. The name reflects the pricing of 1% per month interest plus 20% of the net damages, both only payable upon a successful outcome. 1&20 removes any financial liability for a share of the return when combined with the appropriate After the Event (ATE) or Financial Guarantee (FGI) Insurance.

Fixed Interest Release Funding is a first-of-its-kind third party litigation funding product, priced on a Fixed Interest only basis. As a result it is primarily for claims below £2m where Fixed Interest on Drawn Amounts are 35% if concluded in Year 1, 65% in Year 2, 90% in Year 3.

For more information about our new product Flexible Disbursement Funding, or any of our other products, please get in touch. You can call us on 0800 668 1350 or email