Litigation Finance Journal

Tets Ishikawa – Episode 25

On this week’s Litigation Finance Journal podcast Tets Ishikawa of Acasta Europe and Sparkle Capital gives his thoughts into the litigation funding market. In the podcast, Tets describes how he assisted in finding the small-to-midsize claim funding market in the UK. He follows this by explaining the relationship between Acasta and Sparkle, and how it was first born. Earlier in the year, Sparkle Capital were announced on Debenham Ottaway’s new funding panel. Tets discusses what our new role on the panel is, and what Sparkle can offer within the Litigation funding market. Finally, he talks about whether the funding and insurance industries will merge long-term. To listen to the podcast, you can go to: If you do not have a log on for Litigation Finance Journal, please contact and we will provide you with a temporary log on for you to listen to the podcast. To discuss any funding enquiries you have or discuss Sparkle Capital’s products further please contact