Sparkle Capital
Litigation Funding

Creating bespoke litigation funding solutions to litigants, solicitors and brokers across the UK.


Bespoke Finance

Prompt Responses

Highly Experienced

Flexible Solutions

We offer competitively priced litigation funding solutions for law firms and Claimants (or counter Claimants). Our funding operates on a non-recourse basis, therefore the Claimant only repays the funding if the claim is successful.

We provide a wide range of funding, from £50k disbursement funding to £3m of funding for high value commercial disputes. Our funding solutions are truly unique in that we will create a solution that fits the needs of the Claimant, bespoke to that piece of litigation.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way


Always Bespoke

Our solutions are always created bespoke to each piece of litigation and its funding needs.


Our Limits

We provide funding for anything between £50K, right up to £3m.

Privately Owned

Meaning we face fewer restrictions and limitations than other funders.

Quick Responses

We work to give you a in-principle decision within 3 working days.

Simple Pricing

All our products follow simple pricing structures.

Our Company

Sparkle Capital was founded in 2014 and is a privately-owned company belonging to the family of Fred Done, best known for BetFred. His other business interests include real estate and insurance. Due to this, we have few of the restrictions and limitations that other funders face.

Our main focus is on our customers, our pricing and creating value for Claimants whilst they are in the uncertain midst of commercial litigation. Sparkle Capital was set up to assist with access to justice, and that mindset remains at the forefront of our decision-making process.