Sparkle Capital


Providing Litigation Funding in the UK


We offer competitively priced litigation funding, UK based, for law firms and Claimants. Our funding is also non-recourse. Therefore the Claimant only repays the funding if the claim is successful.
We provide £20k to £1m of funding for claims of any value. Additionally, we write cover on a bespoke basis so we can cover a range of disbursements.

Why Litigation Funding?

  • Commercial litigation is expensive, therefore the better funded party is typically better positioned.
  • Often, Claimants face a natural ‘funding’ barrier. However, our funding products can help if this occurs.
  • Litigation Funding also helps to bring private capital into the legal system.
  • Litigation Funding is a firmly established funding tool in commercial litigation.

Why Sparkle Capital?

  • We are a privately-owned company. Therefore we have few of the restrictions and limitations that other funders face.
  • We are easy and straightforward to work with.
  • Our underwriters create bespoke solutions for those involved in commercial litigation, so it is easier for their case to progress.
  • All our products follow simple pricing structures.
  • We also give an in-principle decision within 3 working days, thereby not wasting anyone’s time.

Our Fixed Interest Release Funding provides a solution for mid-value claims. The Claimant is charged a fixed amount of interest on Drawn Amounts. The interest rates are: 35% if concluded in Year 1, 65% in Year 2, 90% in Year 3.

Our 1&20 product provides £20k to £1m of funding for claims of any value. It follows a simple pricing approach with 1% per month interest, plus 20% of the net damages.

Flexible Disbursement Funding also follows the same pricing structure as our FIRF product. Therefore Claimants have certainty through fixed rates of interest. Additionally, it can fund a range of disbursements arising out of matters with any claim value

Sparkle Capital Limited is administered by Acasta Europe Limited, who are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

What can Sparkle Capital do for you?