Fred Done


Fred Done is best known for founding Betfred with his brother Peter and together building it over 50 years into one of the largest bookmakers with over 1650 shops in the UK. He has also built other substantial business interests, in particular real estate, software and insurance, which are all privately owned.

Fred has built each of his successful businesses on the principles of common sense, long-term commitment and customer loyalty and Sparkle Capital will be built on those same principles.

Tets Ishikawa

Senior Adviser to Sparkle Capital / Director at Acasta Europe Ltd

Tets Ishikawa spent 16 years in investment banking, working at top-tier firms including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley before starting his own corporate advisory practice, focused on structuring, marketing and negotiating complex financial transactions, as well as regulatory capital, operational and strategic matters. Since 2012, Tets Ishikawa has been involved in litigation funding and helped arrange the formation of Sparkle Capital on behalf of Acasta in 2014. In 2018, Tets Ishikawa rejoined Acasta in a formal senior management capacity and as part of his responsibilities, is the Senior Adviser for Sparkle Capital.

Lynn Thorne

Case Manager at Acasta Europe Ltd

Lynn Thorne is responsible for managing the case flow for Acasta Europe Ltd which exclusively administers Sparkle Capital products.

Since 1993, Lynn has been in various senior operational and management roles, half of which have been in legal expenses insurance. Her expertise and strengths are in managing and improving operational efficiency to deliver value to customers and the business.

Keith Wardell

Adviser to Sparkle Capital / Managing Director at Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd

Keith Wardell is Chairman and Managing Director of Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd. Keith also holds various other insurance related directorships.

Keith has been working in the insurance industry since 1975 and became an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute in 1980.

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