Litigation Funding Events

Sparkle Capital partners with leading firms across the UK to provide insightful seminars and conferences around Commercial Litigation and the solutions we can offer for the changing market. You can view our previous and upcoming litigation funding events here.

2017 Events

Modern Litigation Conference – Birmingham

14th of September 2017

Acasta Europe Limited in exclusive partnership with Sparkle Capital Limited partnered with PIC, Professor Dominic Regan, No5 Chambers, and Weightmans Compli to bring you the first Modern Litigation Trends Conference.  We shared our experience and thoughts on the changing world of litigation and how offering Litigation Funding is crucial when considering a case and how this financial support can be tailor made to suit your firm and litigation procedures.

2018 Events

Modern Litigation Conference – Manchester

13th of June 2018

The Modern Litigation Trends Conference came to Manchester for the first time, where we partnered with the Manchester Law Society, PIC, and Professor Dominic Regan to bring you the latest updates in commercial litigation and by using our unique insights, what is to be expected for the remainder of the year and in 2019.

Modern Litigation Conference – Birmingham

20th of September 2018

The Modern Litigation Conference will be back in Birmingham to discuss our findings and insights of the market since our first conference last year. The event will include all of our original speakers such as Tets Ishikawa from Acasta, Seamus Kelly from PIC, Professor Dominic Regan, Paul Joseph from No5 Chambers, and Gavin Hamilton from 3PB Chambers. The event will cover the value of Litigation Funding, the change in costs, unique insights from Professor Dominic Regan, the viewpoint from Counsel, and everything compliance.

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