Welcome to Sparkle Capital Limited.

We are a specialist company operating in the field of third party litigation funding. Our aim is to enable commercial organisations to undertake litigation without the worry of the costs of the action.

Litigation can be an expensive and potentially complex process quite often without any certainty of the outcome and as a result many deserving legal actions are not pursued because of these worries and concerns. Sparkle Capital can provide third party litigation funding to cover a Claimants costs, including those already incurred. It is not only the claimant’s own costs such as solicitors and barristers fees, experts reports and court issue fees that need to be considered.

When legal action is undertaken and lost the responsibility for the Defendants legal costs and disbursements fall to be paid by the original Claimant. Traditionally these can be insured against by taking out an After the Event legal expenses insurance.

Third party litigation funding is a relatively new facility in the UK but has been in existence and has been a popular way to support legal actions in the USA and Australia for many years. In many cases it has been utilised for multi-million pound claims quite often involving actions where the interested parties have included governments and multi-national companies. The main benefits of third party litigation funding are that for smaller commercial enterprises it provides a way to pursue worthy cases without the fear of running out of financial “muscle” and for both smaller and larger enterprises it can take a litigation risk “off balance sheet” because of the way the facility is structured.

Sparkle has recognised and understands both sides of the litigation risk and has partnered exclusively with Acasta Europe Ltd to offer a solution to the issues of funding and cover against adverse costs (i.e. the Defendants costs if the action is lost) on a non-recourse basis. Effectively if the case is lost the Acasta policy covers both repayment of the loan and the adverse costs.


Sparkle Capital

Sparkle Capital is a third party litigation funding option that is designed for and aimed at cases where the amount of damages is likely to exceed £1,000,000. There is no upper limit to the damages being claimed or the amount that can be provided to fund the action…
The complete package for large cases
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Sparkle Capital Lite

Sparkle Capital Lite is a third party litigation funding option that has been designed as a complimentary and more simply operated facility to cater for smaller claims where the damages are likely to be less than £1,000,000 and where the funding required is less than £200,000…
The complete package for smaller cases
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